Nadia - last part SURPRISE

This is the last part with Nadia, for now. It is a surprise for all the readers of this blog.

Nadia - part three

In the third part will propose two pictures with Nadia. Very exciting, if you ask me.
Tomorrow I will post the surprise of Nadia, which I said when I published the first pictures of this series.

Nadia - part two

For today another 4 pictures with Nadia.
This post becomes increasingly hotter, dont you think?

Nadia - part one

Nadia is married six months. She insisted to post all the photos she sent to me in my email.
I'll post
Nadia photos in two series and in the third set I will post a surprise from Nadia for Wife Self Camera Pictures readers.
I assure you, you want to see
everything Nadia shared...

Do you want more?
Do you want more?Do you want more?
Do you want more?

Nathalie - wife smiling!

Only a few hours after I creating this blog I received some very nice emails with pictures from wives who wanted to share all their feminine charms.

I wait your photos

I wait your photos

Angie - young wife!

She name is Angie, 25 years old, from UK. She send me her self pic for another blog of mine Slave, but after I saw her self photos in the mirror I had the idea to create a blog especially for wives, girlfriends, women, girls who wants to be appreciated by everyone.